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Ski bikini ride in Sheregesh

Sheregesh is the largest Siberian resort and one of the most popular ski resorts in Russia with over 1 mln visitors every year.

Photo by Sergey Isakhanyan (Unsplash)

Here are some of the best things about Sheregesh:

  • Great snow. Unique climate conditions in the Mountain Shoriya allow for a particular kind of snow that is soft and fluffy. It doesn’t get hard or fall down, which doesn’t only decrease the risk of landslides but also makes your riding comfortable and pleasant.

  • Long season. It starts to snow in early September, so in October the resort is ready to welcome visitors. The season lasts till May, while mountain snow caps remain for 280 days!

  • Ski pistes of all kinds. Overall length of the routes in Sheregesh is over 35,000 meters. You can find a piste according to your level of skills.

  • All year round. In summer, Sheregesh is no less beautiful. You can go on a trekking trip or take a tour lasting from three hours up to three days and enjoy breathtaking views from the mountain tops!

  • Fun. Sheregesh hosts numerous festivals and events! The season opens with Yeti holiday, moves forward with New Year and Maslenitsa celebrations and finishes in April with Grelka Fest, gathering over a thousand ski and snowboard riders in bikinis.

  • Mystery. Azasskaya cave is considered the most mystical place of the Mountain Shoriya. It is spacious and beautiful, and in winter you can see stalactites and stalagmites of various shapes. Locals even believe that a Siberian yeti lives in the cave, although I’m not sure you can meet him :)

Photo by Klara Kulikova (Unsplash)

As the most popular Siberian resort, Sheregesh has a great infrastructure:

  • 65 hotels with different price range

  • 62 cafes and restaurants

  • 20 ski slopes

  • 18 different ski lifts: rope, chairs, gondolas

  • 15 ski equipment rental

Check the weather in Sheregesh through web cams.

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