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Siberian Husky

Siberian Husky is believed to originate in Northeast Asia and then be brought to Alaska, where it became famous. While Russians use the word "Husky", the whole world calls the breed "Siberian dog". What's really going on?

Breed origins

Siberian Huskies are believed to appear first in Northeast Asia, bred by indigenous people, living by the Bearing Sea.

These dogs were very helpful for sled-pulling due to their physical endurance and energy.

Then, the breed was introduced to people in Alaska at the time of the Nome Gold Rush as sled dogs.

What does the word "husky" mean?

Based on history, there might be two origins of the word "husky":

  • It might have come from the word "Eskimo". Eskimo were indigenous people who inhabited northern regions of Siberia, Canada, Alaska.

  • In English, the word "husky" is used to designate a low and rough voice. Siberian Huskies make such kind of sounds.

Huskies and Eskimos

Eskimo people bred husky for a good reason. These dogs are strong, smart, loyal and very energetic; they are able to travel dozens of kilometers of glaciated areas and don't need much food. Northern regions were poor in vegetation and animals, so Eskimo would often move, looking for food. No wonder, such active and tough dogs came in handy.

Huskies could curl up around children, and their thick fur kept little Eskimos warm.

Huskies come to Alaska

At the beginning of the XX century, huskies were brought to Alaska. It was the time of the Nome Gold Rush, and people were looking for sled-pulling dogs to transport gold. At first, locals didn't take seriously the relatively small size of huskies and called them "Siberian mice", but only for a while.

Huskies were meant to become heroes when the town of Nome in Alaska saw an outbreak of diphtheria in 1925.

It soon ran out of medicine, and people had to send someone to the neighboring town for a life-saving serum. It isn't hard to guess that huskies were the dogs that brought the medicine and saved the Nome population. In gratitude, people erected a statue, which you can now see in New York City's Central Park.

Image source: https://www.pinterest.ru/pin/411868328407655591/?lp=true

Can I buy a husky in Siberia?

Yes, you can! Russia doesn't charge foreigners for adopting a dog, but bringing it to your country might need some preparation. First, you'll have to provide an international veterinary passport and get your dog a chip. Then, it is important to check your airline transportation rules and prepare accordingly.

How expensive is a husky in Russia?

For starters, I have seen huskies in animal shelters, so you might want to check some if time allows.

As for the average price, it begins at $100 per puppy or even less in remote towns.

Where to get a dog in Siberia?

You can either contact a registered breeder or take a dog from a shelter.

Breeders provide dogs with a pedigree, let alone all the necessary papers and vaccinations. Dogs from shelters come for free, on the other hand. In Siberia, animal shelters are not usually thriving, there will hardly be anyone speaking English, so you'll have to find a translator in advance.

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