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How expensive it is to travel to Siberia in 2020

For many people, traveling to Siberia seems complicated and pretty expensive, given the distances and travel necessities such as warm clothes, etc. In this post, I’ll try to dispel any doubts and help you understand how easy and affordable such an experience can be. We’ll go through indispensable expenses such as transportation and accommodation and also check pricing of activities, souvenirs, and so on.

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Flight tickets

Let’s consider two scenarios: how expensive it is to travel to Siberia from the United States and Europe. Below, you’ll find price estimates by Skyscanner.

Scenario 1 - Flying directly to Siberia

You can fly to any of Siberian cities with a stop in Moscow or St Petersburg. Below, there are screenshots of flight tickets with arrival in Novosibirsk, the largest Siberian city, from where you can head off to any place, for example, take a train to Baikal.

New York - Novosibirsk Dec 1 - Dec 15

Berlin - Novosibirsk Dec 1 - Dec 15

Scenario 2 - Flying to Moscow and taking a train from there

This will be a less costly option suitable for those who look for an adventurous trip on the Trans-Siberian railway or those who want to start their discovery from the Russian capital. When choosing between Moscow and St Petersburg, note that flight tickets to/through Moscow are usually cheaper.

New York - Moscow Dec 1 - Dec 15

Berlin - Moscow Dec 1 - Dec 15

How expensive are train tickets? Russia has a great railway connection between cities, so you can take a train to almost any destination within the country. Here are some price estimates:

  • Moscow - St. Petersburg $14 one way economy class

  • Moscow - Kazan $28 one way economy class

  • Moscow - Yekaterinburg $72 one way economy class

  • Moscow - Novosibirsk $84 one way economy class

  • Moscow - Irkutsk $115 one way economy class

  • Moscow - Vladivostok $147 one way economy class


Let’s now check accommodation pricing for Moscow and Novosibirsk for a week starting December 1, 2020.

Moscow Dec 1 - Dec 8

Novosibirsk Dec 1 - Dec 8

Irkutsk Dec 1 - Dec 8

Tours and activities

You can find multiple tours and excursions in any destination in Russia. Without the knowledge of Russian language, it might be hard to organize the whole trip by yourself, so you might want to check fully guided tours by travel agencies. Below, you can see examples of tours and pricing from the Russia Discovery agency.

If you feel more adventurous, check the desired activities at the local agencies that might offer cheaper prices. On the other hand, not everyone speaks English when it comes to touristic services outside Moscow, St Petersburg and major tourist destinations such as Lake Baikal or the Altai Mountains.


Pricing for souvenirs varies in the range of $1 to a few hundred dollars, depending on the product. Check out the best places to buy souvenirs in Moscow and find gift ideas.

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