News from Russia and Siberia

In this section, you'll find the latest news from Russia and, in particular, from Siberia.

Putin encouraged to develop Siberia


Russian President Vladimir Putin expressed the need for preparing a plan on developing Siberian territories, which was earlier proposed by Sergei Shoygu, Minister of Defence. On August 5, the minister put forward an initiative to build three or even five large cities (with the population of up to 1 million people in each. They will become research and economic centers of the country.


Is relocation of the capital from Moscow to Siberia a plan rather than a dream?

Two tourists were evacuated in a helicopter from the Shumak mineral springs in Irkutsk


Rescuers from the Baikal search and rescue team of the Russian Ministry for Emergency Situations evacuated two tourists ina helicopter from the Shumak mineral springs in Buryatia. One man was taken up by ambulance doctors in Irkutsk with an attack of pancreatitis, the other with a dislocated shoulder.

The Shumak mineral springs are located at an altitude of 1558 m in the mountains of the Eastern Sayan on the Shumak River, on the northern macroslope of the Tunkinsky Goltsy in the Okinsky region of Buryatia.


The area of forest fires has decreased in the Irkutsk region


Over the past 24 hours, two fires have been extinguished in the forests of the Irkutsk region, and 18 fires are being extinguished, the press service of the regional government said on Friday.

Both extinguished fires were located in the Katangsky region.

“The total area of fires has decreased by another 6.4 thousand hectares. The area of active combustion per day in the region has become smaller and amounted to 52.47 hectares.


The percentage of Crimeans who are satisfied with the entry of Crimea into Russia has been named


In Crimea, 70 percent of the surveyed local residents were satisfied with the entry of the republic into Russia. These data were named by the All-Russian Public Opinion Research Center (VTsIOM). The research was published on the official website of the center.


Russia increases the number of flights to Egypt


The number of flights from Russia to the Egyptian cities of Hurghada and Sharm el-Sheikh will increase to 60 per week from August 27. 

30 flights will fly from Moscow to Sharm el-Sheikh and the same to Hurghada, RIA Novosti reports.

Also, from August 27, Russia plans to resume regular and charter flights with the Dominican Republic, South Korea and the Czech Republic. The number of flights to Hungary, Cyprus, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan will also be increased. Since June 28, Russia has resumed regular flights with Belgium, Bulgaria, Jordan, Ireland, Italy, Cyprus, North Macedonia and the United States.



For now, the government has built a firm foundation for the future well-being of Moscow and St Petersburg. As a result, the authorities can now consider changing their status and moving the capital to another city. Here are the reasons:

  1. Moscow and St Petersburg are situated too close to western borders of Russia, which poses a significant threat to country’s defence capacity.

  2. World economic centers are moving to the east. Russia’s economic welfare is largely determined by its relationships with China and India, world’s largest counties, as well as with Japan and South Korea, technological leaders. And Russia borders with the USA in the east as well.

  3. FInally, this can become a trump card for developing eastern territories of Russia. Now, the government is implementing large infrastructure projects in Siberia, which may become the foundation of Russia’s next capital.